How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for a Coach [+ the Benefits!]

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Coaching is a very fulfilling job. You get to help people who aspire to improve their businesses. But some unrelated tasks can somehow pull you down in achieving such fulfillment. Repetitive tasks can be tiring, resulting in a loss of productivity.

Virtual Assistant for Coaches

The solution? Enter virtual assistants. They can help you lighten your workload and strategize how to prosper your coaching business. You will learn in this article why virtual assistants for coaches are a must-have in today’s coaching business.

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help a Coach?

A virtual assistant can help a coach by easing the overwhelming tasks. Some tasks include scheduling, preparing itineraries, marketing your services, and admin tasks.

Here’s a closer look at the tasks a virtual assistant can do to help coaches:

1. Offloading of Admin Tasks

Admin tasks are easy but can also be tiring. A good virtual assistant can handle these repetitive or tiring tasks.

Virtual assistants are experts in handling mundane admin tasks like organization, scheduling, coaching material preparation, drafting to-do lists, and more. Offloading these tasks can give you more time for yourself and your coaching business.

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2. More Time to Focus on Coaching

Another reason to hire a virtual assistant is that they can take some routine tasks off your shoulders, allowing you to focus more on coaching and helping people reach their goals. This means you can cater to more clients who want to use your services, thus increasing profit.

This increased focus results in better work quality, providing your clients with the help and satisfaction they need. 

And you never know—they might even recommend you to other businesses, broadening your network!

3. Faster Business Growth

Why Coaches Should Hire VAs - Faster Growth

Business coach virtual assistants are experts in increasing engagement. Let them handle your social media accounts, and they’ll magically turn it into a community of people who need your services.

Your VA can get clients from this community, leading to business growth.

4. More Cost-Effective than Hiring a Full-Time Assistant

Virtual assistants for coaches tend to be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time admin assistant. Unlike full-time admin assistants, you can usually pay them per task done. 

You also don’t have to worry about their office space and equipment. VAs usually work from home and have the relevant equipment to work for you, thus resulting in additional cost savings.

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5. Access to Specialized Skills

VAs are usually proficient in different niches, so you don’t need to hire multiple assistants for different tasks. For instance, a single virtual assistant can handle your admin tasks, social media, and even accounting tasks.

Virtual assistants also constantly upskill themselves by enrolling in courses relevant to their work. These courses can further enhance your profit in the coaching industry. Who knows, they can even diversify your business portfolio with their special skills!

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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for a Coach

Hiring a coaching VA is a game-changer. It allows you to focus on your core tasks without losing sight of the mundane ones.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to hiring a coaching virtual assistant:

Step 1: Define Your Needs

How to Hire a VA for a Coach - Define Your Needs

Make a list of tasks that you want your virtual assistant to handle. Do you want them to handle admin tasks, research, or communicate with your clients? Defining your needs lets you find a VA that can handle them.

Step 2: Create a Job Description

Once you have listed all the tasks you’ll let your VA work on, create a detailed job description of their responsibilities, qualifications, and the skills they must have. 

The job description should also include the tools and software they’ll use and whether you’ll provide training to candidates who aren’t familiar with them.

Step 3: Post the Job Description on the Job Boards

You can use various job boards to find a virtual assistant for a coach like you. For instance, you can use UpWork, LinkedIn, and Hubstaff.

If outsourcing a VA sounds better for you, check out this list of companies that can cater to your outsourcing needs.

Step 4: Screen Applicants

How to Hire a VA for a Coach - Screen Applicants

In a day or so, your inbox will be filled with applications from people interested in working with you. Now, it’s time to review their applications and proposals. Sort out the ones who you think can handle the job. 

After narrowing down your choices, contact the former employers of the candidates if you can. This will allow you to get first-hand information from people with experience working with them.

Step 5: Conduct Interview

During the interview, note how each candidate presents themselves and communicates. Ask about their experience, availability, and how they would handle certain tasks.

Step 6: Hire & Train Your VA

Now that you have your VA, set clear expectations of the tasks, deadlines, and all important details they need to know. Train them on your work process so that they know how you get things done.

Make sure that you also track their progress and provide them with feedback. This will allow them to know how much they improved and what they need to work on better.

What Skills Must a Virtual Assistant Have?

What Skills a VA for Coaches Should Have

Here are the skills a virtual assistant must have:

  • Administrative Skills.
    A VA for a coach must be able to organize files, manage emails, and conduct data entry.
  • Social Media Management.
    Virtual assistants should be able to create posts for your social media accounts and schedule them using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer.
  • Communication Skills.
    A virtual assistant should have both verbal and written communication skills. This allows them to talk to clients professionally, be it through email or phone calls.
  • Technical Skills.
    A virtual assistant for coaches should be knowledgeable about Microsoft Office Suite, CRM software, and project management tools. If they’re not proficient, they should be willing to undergo training.
  • Attention to Details.
    They must ensure that all their work is error-free and high-quality.
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